About Us

Our Story

 Sunshine Treats was born from a desire to connect more to our local community and make your dog happy in the process.

Everybody knows that dog owners are some of the best people on the planet (clearly.) So we started baking treats in our kitchen and began giving them to family and neighbors and a few coworkers. Once it was clear they were a hit we started to take things a little more seriously and decided to open the sales up to everyone and start selling online.

We understand that when in your local grocery stores it can be tough to find treats without artificial preservatives and chemical additives. We want to ensure our customers that they can have faith in our treats being beneficial for the health of their dogs. All-natural ingredients with names you can pronounce.

Our Mission

For your Dog

To continue to create high-quality products and introduce new ones that make your dog even happier. With our tasty treats, you can teach your four-legged buddies dog tricks and reward them for their good behavior.

Our Charities

We believe in giving back. So we've teamed up with the local humane society who's dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need. With every purchase, you support a dog in need.